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The Team

Molly K. Rearick Day, EdD
Molly has worked as an educator, non-profit leader, school administrator, university faculty, curriculum developer, researcher, and consultant. She holds degrees in elementary education (BA), special education (MS), and educational leadership (EdD), and has a family member who types to communicate. Molly also conducts qualitative research with colleagues, writes inclusive curricula, and volunteers with Volunteer Eastern Sierra and Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra. She's an active member of her professional and local communities.


Independent Facilitator

Amy Brooks.jpg
Amy holds a Master’s degree in education, specializing in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling. As an individual born with Cerebral Palsy, along with her professional experience across all environments, Amy has thrived by adapting. She welcomes growth opportunities to educate herself and others in ways that will reflect purpose-driven living.


Career highlights for Amy include Graduate Assistant Transition Coordinator for Kent State University’s Center for Innovation Transition and Employment; Independent Living Skills Summer Camp Director and Relationship Education Co-Facilitator for IGNITE Collective, Inc., and Inclusion Specialist for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara County, California.


Amy provides private tutoring to students in Reading and Language Arts. She also serves on advisory boards for Peerbots and Elevatus Training.


Independent Facilitator

Kelsey Krause.jpeg
Kelsey's bio is coming soon!
Amanda Frazier Timpson
A Texan transplant to Southern California, Amanda could
read and write before she could do almost anything else. That love of words lead to degrees in both English and journalism and has evolved into a tool for advocacy, enlightenment, social justice and storytelling.

Achieving the full trifecta of disability: congenital, acquired, and
invisible, has commandeered a significant portion of her life.

The reward for such an accomplishment is a commitment to discernment, compassion and empathy. Functioning as a disabled person in a society that was clearly set up without you in mind develops skills that, if you pay close attention, overlap nicely into every other area of life.

The foundation of Amanda’s philosophy is that absorbing all possible wisdom from your experiences is key to living a fulfilling life.
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