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Guiding Principles & Core Beliefs


We believe in learning from and with others. We work to collaborate with people with disabilities, families, community members, professionals, and others.

Growth Mindset

We believe in life-long learning, for the people we serve and ourselves. Being an "expert" means being available for and open to learning from every experience, and then applying that knowledge to new experiences.

Presumption of Competence

We know that people who communicate differently, who see things differently, and who experience the world differently can and do want to learn. We do not believe that spoken language equals the ability to learn.

Least Dangerous Assumption

We believe in offering the same learning experiences to all people, regardless of labels.

Dignity of Risk

We know that learning happens from making mistakes.

Human-Centered Design

We learn from lived experiences and design our supports using the knowledge and input of people with disabilities.

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